Are you racking up the years while still waiting to meet ‘the one’?

Do you feel ‘stuck’ as you stand by and watch others moving on and settling down?

Have you got a poor 'dating history' or have you invested in the wrong relationships?

Are you suppressing rising panic because you want a baby before it’s all too late?

Yes?  Then this is the book for you ...

Bridget Jones struck a chord with many thirtysomething women a decade ago.  Her legacy of left behind many women in their thirties and forties who today find themselves reluctantly single and beginning to panic.  They fear they will never meet their life partner and that their fertility is about to drop off a cliff. 

But help is at hand in the form of this newly updated book, Finding Mr Right. This anthology contains a range of inspirational and frank true-life experiences, and will offer hope to the thousands of intelligent and good women who still want the man and/or the baby before it’s too late.

Top journalists including Toby Young, Mariella Frostrup, Shane Watson and Amanda Platell, together with dating agency founders, fertility experts, agony aunts, psychologists, health professionals, academics and mistresses all offer their informed wisdom.

People who finally found their life partners, and some who didn’t, recount ‘how it went right’ and ‘why it went wrong’.  The book taps into a vast resource of knowledge and speaks to the reader from the heart. 

Perspectives are also provided by single parents, divorcees, a sperm-donor’s offspring, the childless and childfree.  The book is frank, and sometimes shocking in illuminating the desperate measures some women of a certain age are prepared to take, in order to get a man, or have a baby.

Finding Mr Right contains cautionary tales plus many heart-warming and uplifting true stories of women who have overcome their ‘Bridget Jones’ status to find happiness. It’s not a ‘how to’ book.  It’s more of an inspirational collection of experiences and insights, from both men and women, of the plight of the reluctantly single late thirtysomething.

Finding Mr Right is available through in paperback with a new updated version on Kindle.

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